Our Focus

We back tenacious and thoughtful founders who change how business gets done. We partner early and make meaningful investments in a select few. Our job is to enable you to succeed faster.

Every company is different

Each company is its own puzzle and on its own journey. We stay with them every step of the way.

Product market fit

Product market fit is more than getting the product to market. It’s getting all elements of the go-to-market business cycle aligned so a company can reach its potential. Our operating partners and expertise focuses on these areas.

We believe

Working with venture investors should feel genuinely helpful. We believe in candor, education and a community that helps build companies that stand the test of time.

Our Portfolio

We invest in companies like:

"Costanoa has been with us every step of the way. They’ve been true partners.”

- Christopher Golec, Founder and CEO at Demandbase

“There’s a playbook to building strong enterprise software companies and Costanoa has it. Their counsel has saved us countless hours of wasted time and energy.”

- Satyen Sangani, Co-Founder and CEO

“Greg and Neill use their own experience and network as former product managers to help me navigate through the early product market fit challenges.”

- Brandon Levey, Founder and CEO

"Costanoa immediately offered hands-on operational help to jumpstart announcing our growth and expanding our team and product.”

- Andrew Sutherland, Founder and CTO

“Costanoa has created a real community with their CEOs. We share best practices or ask questions and get immediate support from one another.”

- Casey John Ellis, Founder and CEO

Our Perspectives

Bucky Moore | June 21st 2017

The role of people in cybersecurity: Announcing our investment in Elevate Security

By: Bucky Moore, Principal and Neill Occhiogrosso, Partner at Costanoa Ventures

Martina Lauchengco | June 9th 2017

Jim Barksdale’s Talk on Leadership and Management

During a visit this week from Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro and fellow Netscape alumnus, this “Barksdale-ism” came up: “Profits are like…

John Cowgill | June 1st 2017

Five Signs It’s Time to Add Bizops

Investors and CEOs tend to place a lot of emphasis on a company’s strategy. This isn’t too surprising. Strategy is fun. It’s easy for…

Tom Tsao | May 4th 2017

Joining Costanoa Ventures as an Executive in Residence

After spending the last 20+ years in product management and executive leadership roles at tech companies both large and small, I recently…

Jim Wilson | April 20th 2017

Sales Metrics for Early Stage Companies

I recently attended a CEO panel discussion and asked the group, “What metrics do early stage companies measure to help make data driven…

Martina Lauchengco | April 3rd 2017

How to Avoid the “Revolutionary” Messaging Fallacy

Netflix and Zendesk both transformed their industries without ever saying they were. Yet many companies start their messaging like these…

Martina Lauchengco | May 16th 2017

“Get out from behind your bunker.”

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting 200 people at Seat @ the Table, to listen to an accomplished panel of women at each level of…

Martina Lauchengco | May 10th 2017

Keep the conversation going with Seat @ the Table Events

What if we could accelerate the learning that helps more women acquire the skills they need to get to the next level of management …

Martina Lauchengco | April 10th 2017

Sarah, Selena, Lauren, Annie and Kelly

I met Kelly over dinner as she explained some of the important things she’s learned about recruiting top talent at Riveria and Oracle. Her…