We believe in transformation.

Yours. Your ideas. Your business.

The startup journey asks a lot of you. So will we.
But we will give you everything we can in return.

We’re Seed and Series A investors in technologies for business. We're boutique by design, funding only a handful of companies a year. We give hands-on help, working shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you grow, even when times get tough. If you need it, we're big enough to fund you all the way through your company's lifecycle.

We believe that pushing you to be great is part of being supportive. That’s why we’re truly collaborative and make time for our founders. Our Operating Partners are the very best at their craft and can coach you on what you need—from sales and marketing to technology and HR. Our Learning Labs--in which outside experts share best practices--help your entire team grow their skills. We’re proud of our +75 Net Promoter Score not just because it’s considered world class but because we believe in the value of measuring ourselves the same way the market will measure you.

We are great at building early stage companies and are always looking for founders that care about building a product and company that makes a real impact. Are you ready to learn faster than ever before? Then maybe we’re for you.

We’ll see you on your journey,
The Team at Costanoa

Our Investment Themes

  • Rethinking Infrastructure & Security
  • Data-Driven Intelligence & SaaS
  • Future Workforce & Marketplaces
  • Rise of the Developer

Our Perspectives

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