An approach built on integrity and balance.

We invest early, at Seed and Series A.

We invest early, a majority at Seed. So we know the companies we work with well, from the very beginning. This enables us to bring a disciplined perspective—intellectual honesty and analytical rigor—to the earliest stages of your company’s lifecycle, when it’s most needed.

We are experts in enterprise.

We believe business-to-business shakes up industries. We’ve built up strength and experience here, in sometimes unloved verticals. It’s given us deep insights and sharp instincts in this space.

We have time for you.

We invest in only a handful of great opportunities a year. So we can allocate our time and capital generously. You get direct communication and fast decision-making, whether about your next product decision or your next follow-on round.

We are hands-on and involved.

We share our knowledge and experience. We incubate companies - in our firm’s offices and through our online community. Our world-class Operating Platform helps our companies optimize for market entry, liftoff, and growth.

We offer a steady, balanced hand.

By balancing fast growth and fiscal responsibility, we can help your company survive and thrive in different market environments: good times and hard ones. As involved board members and advisors, we want to be your authentic partners.

We seek excellence: from our companies and ourselves.

In all we do, we hold ourselves to the highest standards—and push our companies to do the same. We believe this hard work is the way to success.

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