When and Where We Invest

Our team has helped hundreds of startups go to market, achieve product-market-fit, and become successful. We focus on early-stage companies because it’s where we have the most impact. We invest mostly in SaaS infrastructure and marketplaces because we believe they change how business gets done.

  • Data Driven Applications
  • Agile Infrastructure
  • The Mobile Economy
  • Business Networks & Marketplaces
  • Series A
  • Seed

Our Values

We believe in trust, collaboration, and treating everyone with respect and dignity. Values matter to us, which is why we have been values driven since the beginning.

Our purpose is to help build meaningful technology companies. We are product people and love tech-savvy founders. We focus on demystifying product-market fit and how to get to scale—because getting those right makes such a difference in how fast and efficiently you grow.

Elevate Security innovated a new way to improve security awareness training.

Working with Us

Our small size means you get direct communication and fast decision-making. We are transparent in our process and make our next steps clear. If we like you and your idea, we do our part of learning more. We take the time to understand your product and customers. We ask not just what but why now? We ask not just who you are today, but what is your capacity to grow? And as board members, we maintain a high-integrity approach and a steady hand.

We Accelerate Your Learning

No company is one-size-fits-all, and not every best practice is right for every company. That’s why we have product, marketing, and sales experts on staff who work alongside you when you need it so your company can find it’s stride faster. We coach and share best practices to help you find what works best for your product, market, stage and team. Most important, you get to learn from Costanoa’s peer community and regular events.

“Jim helped us find exactly the right sales hire for our stage as a company. He’s worked with us to define better sales phases and stage gates, which has given us a lot more confidence in our sales process and ability to scale faster.”

Brandon Levey, Co-Founder and CEO of Stitch Labs