There’s no single playbook because every company is different. You need right sized, hands-on advice from coaches who you can reach out to any time. Our Operating Team has best-in-class former executives in marketing, sales, and talent whose full-time job is to help you figure out what matters most and ask better questions no matter what problem you’re trying to solve.

“There are patterns when building strong enterprise software companies and Costanoa knows them. Their counsel has saved us countless hours of wasted time and energy.”

– Satyen Sangani, Co-Founder and CEO at Alation

Discovery Framework

We guide you through our Discovery Framework that helps each company create a smart foundation, not just for Product Market Fit, but for GTM-fit.

Common Myths


Hire a bunch of execs and category experts.

Hire great athletes that can cover multiple functions and are just willing to learn as quickly as possible.

Turn on demand gen and hire a PR agency.

Define a marketing strategy first, then every tweet, blog post, and discovery conversation helps market you.

Always be

Don't over-prioritize closing deals. Engage in discovery conversations to refine your ideal customer and message. Deals come naturally when they're two-way.

The Operating Team engages in Sprints with companies for positioning, messaging, funnel refinement, sales playbooks, talent plans, sales enablement or whatever your company most needs. And we help you create outputs, not just give advice.

Learning Labs

Experts in their field share best practices in workshops that entire teams from a variety of functions attend.

  • Product Labs: discovery tools, organizing for scale
  • Marketing Labs: using SEO to create pipeline, building great playbooks
  • Sales Labs: how to create great demos, MEDDIC
  • Networking Dinners: share and learn from your peers


Best Practice Frameworks

These tools give you a jumpstart to many of the essential basics for starting a company.

  • Talent & People Toolkit
  • Interview & Job Scorecards
  • Vetted Resource Lists

Scaling Networks

When you want to grow faster, we have partners and programs that offer discounts, provide expert advice, or a room of executives who connect you with prospects.

  • Costanoa Executive Advisor 50 (CEA50)
  • Partner Programming
  • Innovation Forums


Coaching Sprints

We work with you at the speed you need for figuring out crucial aspects of what to do next and why.

  • Talent & People
  • Product & Marketing strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Funnel
  • Funding Pitches

“The content was extremely relevant to what we are going through right now. The facilitator explained the framework well-- in simple English supporting it with solid examples.”

Bryton Shang, Founder and CEO of Aquabyte on GTM Fit LabX