October 28, 2021 | Firm News

Taylor Bernal: Why I Joined Costanoa Ventures

Taylor Bernal

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Taylor Bernal

When I joined NerdWallet, I was employee 20. I loved wearing many hats and constantly discovering new ways to solve problems. It’s also what I loved most at Sequoia––the chance to work closely with early-stage companies and seeing how they take shape over time. For me, Costanoa was the perfect place to combine all that I love, my expertise, but most importantly, where I found my people.

Sometimes in an interview process it feels like people are putting on a show, but at Costanoa everyone I met was incredibly genuine and I had real and open conversations with each person on the team. I strive to bring my entire self to the work that I do, including constantly having diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront. In getting to know Costanoa’s diverse team, I also learned about their longstanding commitment to DEI through the programs they’ve created such as a Seat at the Table to Access Fellowships and more. With the support of the firm, I am excited to continue to cultivate community, especially among underrepresented founders in the startup ecosystem.

In addition to my passion for DEI, I’ve spent the past decade focusing on helping startups tell their stories across digital channels. I’m excited to bring my expertise in digital, social and content marketing strategy to build up the Costanoa brand as well as those of our portfolio companies in my new role as Director of Marketing & Platform. 

I’m thrilled to be a part of Costanoa’s best-in-class operating team and learn from its amazing partners. I’m so impressed by how strategic they are in supporting the portfolio, but also how they customize their approach to help our companies out in whatever ways they need. They truly operate as a team where each is an expert in their field and brings something unique to the collective unit. Everyone is incredibly humble and I’m glad to bring my experience to help shine a light on the amazing people on the Operating Team and across Costanoa.