Casey Aylward


Casey identifies and evaluates new investment opportunities.

Why Venture Capital?

Helping founders and their teams execute on a vision, especially when they have clarity of thought and grit, is a fascinating and humbling experience. Venture is one of the few careers where I am lucky enough to work with founders and their team members as they do just this.


Before Costanoa, I was a full stack software engineer at Pinterest with a focus on backend. I worked on various engineering teams that built viral social features, our commerce platform and popular pin/board organization tools. Previously, I worked on both the engineering and business development teams at URX, a developer-focused mobile ad company that was acquired by Pinterest.


B.S in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies with a concentration in East Asia (China) from Dartmouth College

Outside of Work

I enjoy working on small side projects – like building out a new app idea that I had or trying out a new library/API. Other than that, I enjoy spending time with friends and reading.