Farooq Abbasi


Farooq invests thematically and helps technical founders achieve go-to-market product market fit.

Why Venture Capital?

I love working with founders and have loved investing since I was young. It is such a privilege to accompany ambitious, technically gifted entrepreneurs on a mission of fixing the way we live and work from the early stages. I can’t think of a more fulfilling, impactful professional path. Venture Capital is an industry that stimulates you intellectually, and puts you in direct contact with people who are set to accomplish the unlikely.


I’ve been investing for the past seven years, namely on the West Coast in enterprise technology, and most recently in Europe, helping build out Mosaic Ventures. I am grateful to have partnered with several teams building enduring companies including (but not limited to!) Auto1 (Softbank), Redlock (Palo Alto Networks), Remitly and Zingbox. I never want to get in the way of trailblazing founders, and believe I am best placed to help most directly with technical product marketing and optimizing sales investment.


B.S. Finance, University of Illinois

Outside of Work

I enjoy staying active and feeding my competitive spirit through boxing and tennis. On more calm evenings, you will often find me reading and spending time with my nieces and nephews. Also, working with a great group of venture capitalists, I co-founded Diversity.vc in 2017, a non-profit organisation that has now launched in both the US and UK which is on a mission to make the technology industry more accessible and equitable.