Johnathan Hodge


Johnathan advises portfolio companies on all things product and leadership.

Why Venture Capital?

I have been part of a number of different startups supported by different styles of venture capital firms. I am interested not simply in venture capital but Costanoa’s unique approach to venture capital. I enjoy working with early-stage companies, listening to what they need, and finding ways to help them succeed.


I have spent over ten years in Product Management at companies as large as IBM and as small as Kaggle and Jiff – and a few inbetween. Most of them were successful. Some were not. But all of them were great opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. Most recently, I have led engineering teams and customer teams and have appreciated more deeply how different functions can – and must – work together to make an organization successful. Running different functions has hopefully made me a better Product leader!


B.A. Joint Honours, International History and German at University of Keele, UK

Outside of Work

My wife and 6-year-old daughter take up most of my spare time. Otherwise, my passions are reading, and listening to lectures on classical music, philosophy, history and science from the amazing lecturers at The Great Courses!