Kevin Novak


Why Venture Capital?

I’ve always considered myself a natural mentor; I love helping people achieve goals and trying to give useful feedback and help them maximize their potential. I see my role in venture capital to be a natural extension of that role – I get to work with founders and coach from my years of industry experience, and the investment is the means to that end.


My most notable industry experiences are serving at Uber’s first Head of Data Science and being the inventor of dynamic pricing. As a leader at Uber, I laid the groundwork for most of Uber’s data science organizations (marketplace optimization, product analytics, experimentation, machine learning, and anomaly detection). After Uber, I also served as Tala’s Chief Data Officer. Before my time in industry, I was a nuclear physicist, working on the Higgs Boson project.


  • BS, Physics/Math/Computer Science, Xavier University
  • MS, Nuclear Physics, Michigan State University

Outside of Work

Outside of work, I enjoy getting outside and seeing the beauty of California- as a former Eagle Scout, I’m a big camper, hiker, and backpacker. I’m also perpetually working to polish my skills as a BBQ chef, and feeding the results to my wife (when it goes well) and my goldendoodle (when it doesn’t). I’m also a big fan of a glass of bourbon and a nice cigar.